Fix: Fldigi on Apple Silicon Mac keeps asking for microphone permissions constantly

I got a new travel laptop, a used Macbook Air M1. It is running MacOS 14.5 now.

I installed FLDigi as one does, using the official installers. All went well until I opened the programm and it prompted me for microphone access.

I said sure, clicked on enable and thought that would be it. Far from the truth. The same prompt appeared again. I accepted another time. Same prompt again. It kept prompting me and prompting me, not accepting yes for an answer.

Nothing I did worked. I set the permissions in System settings, I revoked it, reenabled it, even rebooted the mac. Nothing worked. Until I found one line of code in a github issue for a totally unrelated software (Jitsi Meet) that did it.

Just open your terminal and paste in the following code (change the specific version to your own, of course):

codesign --force --deep --sign - /Applications/

Be careful to keep all the dashes, even the single one after "sign".

Terminal will prompt for your password, then reply with "/Applications/ replacing existing signature"

Now start FLDigi again. The prompt appears. Accept it... and... DONE.

No more infinite prompting, just FLDigi happily chugging along, using the "microphone" (= the soundcard of my IC7300).

I hope this helps somebody as desperate as I was.

Have fun in the hobby.

73 de Stefan, DB4SCW