Linking a remote N1MM+, WSJT-X or JS8 to CQRLog

I keep my own complete log in a software called CQRLog. I love the ease of it, especially the ease of doing LOTW and eQSL, as well as the fact that it's based on a MySQL-Database, which opens up all kinds of fun for myself (as a developer).

For portable operations like POTA or Field Days, I use a Surface Go 2, which is obviously a windows machine, as well as operations around the house (e.g. the garden).

If I'm around the house inside my WiFi, I needed to think about exporting all the contacts I made to ADIF to import into my master log. Not anymore!

If I'm off-grid-portable, I'll most likely still need to export and import, while on-grid I can VPN into my home network to have the same setup as at home.

So... how do you convince N1MM+ (or JS8, or WSJTX, or other programs capable of ADIF Broadcast) to log directly to CQRLog?

Step 1) Open N1MM, go to Config and "Configure Ports, Mode..."

Click "Config" - "Configure Ports..."

Step 2) Choose tab "Broadcast data", check "Contacts".

Instead of, choose the IP of the machine you are running CQRLog on. You can set any Port you like, I prefer the "WSJTX-Standard", which is 2333.

After all that, it should look like: "".

Set IP Address and Port data

Step 3: Click ok, Close N1MM and reopen it again.

Step 4: Open CQRLog and go to File, then Preferences.

Step 5: Choose "fldigi/wsjt interface" on the left side, then set the ADIF port to 2333 or whatever you chose in Step 2.

For "ADIF addr", you got 2 options.

If you choose "" (as I did), your CQRLog will accept ADIF packets from ANY computer on your network. If you don't want that (which I don't know why), you can just choose the IP Address of the machine running N1MM or another program.

After that, click OK and restart CQRLog.

Add config for ADIF Port


Now... lets use it:

Set CQRLog to ADIF Mode like so:

You will see "remote ADIF" in red above the callsign field.

Go into N1mM and log a contact. You'll see the callsign and QSO data briefly flash in CQRLog as the contact comes in. Done. You logged it! Open QSO list and confirm.

After CQRLog received it's first ADIF packet, it'll know which program was on the other end of the connection. It will display this info in the red text:

Great! You have now linked your N1MM to CQRLog.

But what about WSJT-X? Where do I set this there? Or in JS8? Just set the IP and Port of Step 2 in these fields:


Here, use the secondary UDP Server to leave the primary one open for Gridtracker or some other software.


Have fun logging to your CQRLog!

73 and good DX, de Stefan, DB4SCW