Pi-Star - yellow DMR Net status and what to do about it

Last week, I updated and configured my travel-pistar-hotspot.

During configuration, I discovered that I forgot my DMR Hotspot password.

At first, this is no problem. Just enter the Brandmeister website, go to selfcare and set your new password.

Unfortunately, after changing the password in Brandmeister AND in pistar, I got this:

Instead of this:

After some googling, I found out that Yellow DMR Net means, that the authentification is not possible.

So I went again, changed the password, changed it in pistar - Nothing. I was like 5 minutes away from disabling DMR altogether... but then I found the reason.

If you use the YSF2DMR functionality of pistar, you have to change the DMR Hotspot password in 2 separate places:

2 places - same password, please

WHY pi-star. WHY? Why are there 2 different places for the same password? For the same connection?

After changing the YSF2DMR separate password to the newly set one, everything went back to a cool, normal green.

Anyway - now you are informed on how to deal with that kind of problem.

73 and good DX, de Stefan, DB4SCW