The DB4SCW-award software-suite gets larger: introducing Eventcoordinatorr

A while ago I introduced Hamawardz, a solution to self-service award creation by DB4SCW.

I'm still ironing out bugs and missing features on that project - still considering it BETA.

A full production release will be coming though, keep your eyes peeled for a post on this website.

Meanwhile, for the second year in a row, Meme Appreciation Month will have German participation and the Operator group has grown substatially from just a few people to 14 operators. While last year it was feasable to communicate via messengers it gets progressively more difficult to ensure one demand of Germanys regulators: DF4CEPALM may only be on air with one signal (and one operator) at a time.

Last year, we tried using calender solutions, but those are clunky and don't scale well beyond 3-4 users.

This is why I invented and programmed Eventcoordinatorr.

ATTENTION: This is internal tooling for your event operator group. This should NOT be provided to the general public. This software does NOT use logins, it operates on the trust system.

In a simple UI, you can select your event callsign, put in your personal callsign and start an activation. Current activations are listed, so everyone can see (live) who usees which callsign at every point in time.

Once one callsign is active, you cannot start another parallel activation, ensuring the callsign gets used only once. You can "release" the callsign for use by other operstors by stopping your activation using the red button.

current activations UI of eventcoordinatorr

Furthermore, you can "reserve" a callsign for a defined period of time using the "planned activations" feature in the top right.

The UI for planned activations is similar - You can plan your activation and reserve a callsign be selecting the callsign, inputting your personal call and entering start and end dates.

All reservations for the future are situated below and can be cancelled by using the red button.

While a reservation is active, only the reserving operator can start the "Current activation". All other operators get an error message.

If a reservations starts up to 4 hours in the future, operators starting an "ad-hoc activation" (without having a reservation) will get a warning message informing them of an upcoming reservation.

Considering everything, eventcoordinatorr is kind of like a stripped down version of with self-spotting and planned activations, just without frequency, park and mode information, just for the sake of coordinating access to the callsigns and complying with government regulations.

There is also a admin panel which can be accessed by an administrator where you can enter your callsigns and the personal calls of everyone who is allowed to activate:

This software is also in BETA mode still, having its first proper test during Meme Appreciation Month 2024.

Current plan is to open-source this the same time as hamawardz as kind of the "DB4SCW award-software suite" if you will. I'll inform you on this blog once that happens. Keep your eyes peeled.

For now, I hope I meet you on the bands this summer as DLØLOL and DF4CEPALM and that you are able to download a few awards during the event at

73 and good DX, de Stefan, DB4SCW